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B-Cidal Pads

This solution is a clinically proven safe technology to help eliminate 99.999% (5 logs) of Propionibacterium Acnes, the bacteria that causes cystic acne breakouts. It also helps to heal damage and to reduce scarring caused by severe acne. The pH acidity value helps to restore the hydro-lipid film (acid mantle) that protects the skin from dryness and contamination. For moderate to severe acne such as cystic acne, or acne conditions on the neck and back, Brilliant Clear extraction sessions at Body+Beauty Lab will help to accelerate the healing process.
Product Highlights: • Fights acne-causing bacteria and existing blemishes. • Restores the hydro-lipid film to protect skin from dryness and contamination.
Directions: Wash effected areas with cleanser and warm water, pat dry. Shake off excess solution from a single pad and swipe the affected area, making sure that it is damp with the solution. For highly affected areas, leave saturated pad on for 3-5 minutes. A tingling sensation indicates that the product is working to remove the bacteria. May be used morning and evening. 1 pad per session. Reduce applications to 1x per day, and then every other day as skin improves.
Contents: A proprietary Safe-Acid compound with active ingredients of Hydrochloric Acid, Phosphoric Acid and Citric Acid combined with less than 7% of volume and water. Precaution: For external use only and keep away from the eye area. If contact with eye accidentally, immediately rinse with cool clean water. It may cause temporary stinging. If stinging persists for more than 5 minutes, contact your doctor. Keep away from children.