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Body+Beauty Lab BOTANICAL and CLINICAL is a unique, innovative and professional grade anti-aging collection of DEFENSE which has been developed utilizing the latest in technologically advanced ingredients and a delivery system to provide optimal results. The effects of sun exposure, air pollution, smoking, stress and inherent genetic factors can accelerate the aging process. Body+Beauty Lab is designed to stimulate rebuilding from within the dermal layers and provide intensive skin hydration while protecting skin from free-radical induced damage.

To protect and diminish the signs of premature aging of the skin, Body+Beauty Lab CLINICAL uses only L-Ascorbic Acid, the most potent and stable form of Vitamin C to lighten, brighten, tone, and tighten the skin while protecting it from free-radical induced sun damage and prevent oxidation. Vitamin C will transform and rejuvenate the skin within three to eight months. In fact, all Body+Beauty Lab products incorporate a variety of powerful antioxidants including Green Tea, Vitamin A and E and Co-Q10 to heal your skin from the damaging effects of environmental exposure and protect your skin from future damage. Even stronger than the benefits you get by drinking Green Tea, Body+Beauty Lab CLINICAL uses a patent-pending formulation derived from Green Tea which contain potent antioxidant properties to assist in minimizing free-radical induced sun damage. Co-Q10 is an intense antioxidant that improves the rate of energy production of the cells, boosts skin repair and skin regeneration.